© Odile Bosch


Odile Bosch, Amsterdam 1955

As a child she discovers the magical world of photography by looking through the viewfinder of the box camera. From that moment on, a quest for this particular art form is born. She starts experimenting, but later on in her career she is also inspired by other photographers and artists, who give her useful advise and suggestions.

During her high school years, she was also touched by the love of music which resulted in her attending the Conservatory of Music after graduation. The flute became her instrument. During her studies at the Conservatory of Music her photography is put on hold but for a number of years it has been a prominent part of life.

Lives and works in Haarlem and also in Zaandam at Fluxus Art Centre.

After her studies at the Conservatory of music, she takes several courses in photography.

Amsterdam Conservatory, Music teacher                                                       1975-1980
Amsterdam, basic and graduate courses photography                                      1982-1984 
Amsterdam Volks University, Silk screening techniques for photography               1987
Amsterdam Fotogram, Photography                                                              2007